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省庁名の英語 | 英語好き集まれ!



運輸安全委員会 the Japan Transport Safety Board
会計検査院 the Board of Audit
海上保安庁 the Japan Coast Guard
外務省 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
環境省 the Ministry of the Environment
観光庁 the Japan Tourism Agency
気象庁 the Meteorological Agency
金融庁 the Financial Services Agency
宮内庁 the Imperial Household Agency
経済産業省 the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
警察庁 the National Police Agency
原子力規制委員会 he Nuclear Regulation Authority
公安審査委員会 the Public Security Examination Commission
公安調査庁 the Public Security Investigation Agency
公害等調整委員会 the Environmental Disputes Coordination Commission
公正取引委員会 the Fair Trade Commission
厚生労働省 the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
国税庁 the National Tax Administration Agency
国土交通省 the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
個人情報保護委員会 the Personal Information Protection Commission
国家公安委員会 the National Public Safety Commission
財務省 the Ministry of Finance
資源エネルギー庁 the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
出入国在留管理庁 the Immigration Services Agency
消費者庁 the Consumer Affairs Agency
消防庁 the Fire Defense Agency
人事院 the National Personnel Authority
水産庁 the Fisheries Agency
スポーツ庁 the Japan Sports Agency
総務省 the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
中央労働委員会 the Central Labor Relations Commissions
中小企業庁 the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
特許庁 the Patent Office
内閣官房 the Cabinet Secretariat
内閣府 the Cabinet Office
内閣法制局 the Cabinet Legislation Bureau
農林水産省 the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
復興庁 the Reconstruction Agency
文化庁 the Agency for Cultural Affairs
防衛省 the Ministry of Defense
防衛装備庁 the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency
法務省 the Ministry of Justice
文部科学省 the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
林野庁 the Forestry Agency